Altar with Nitai-Gaura Nataraj.

For more than ten years, the congregation in Orlando has been steadily increasing, with regular Sunday and festival programs. Since 2003, His Holiness Trivikrama Swami Maharaj (a senior disciple of Srila Prabhupada who joined ISKCON in 1968, initiated in 1969, accepted sannyas in 1971 and has been preaching all over the world esp. Poland, USA, India, Japan) has made Orlando as his base and was running a preaching center. Maharaj established a proper functioning board and started a strong Wednesday Bhagavad-Gita discussions program at the preaching center and a very enlivening Sunday feast program at a Jamuna Center temple hall. But the need of having our own temple property to boost the preaching was always felt. For the pleasure of Lord Krishna and Srila Prabhupada all the congregation devotees worked very hard to obtain an ISKCON Orlando property.

Our Own Property

Lord Krishna has very mercifully given us a beautiful property in a very nice location – 2651 Rouse Road, Orlando 32817. The property is 7.2 acres total with a large house on it. The property is situated on the east side of the town and is well connected by the main roads (SR 50, 408 and 417). The house has been converted to a temporary temple structure, with a beautiful altar room in a large temple room, pujari room and pujari kitchen, a devotee kitchen with a prasadam hall and three rooms for temple devotees to stay.